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The Virtuous Girl

We have heard of the “Virtuous Woman,” but how about the Virtuous Girl. Little girls can practice true virtuousness from an early age. Ten-year-old Danita Whyte, shares with girls her age how God can help them practice holiness and virtuousness at a young age. For girls ages five to twelve. What does it mean to be a virtuous girl? Sisters, Danita Evangeline (10), Danae Mary Louise (8), Daniqua Grace (6), and Danyelle Elizabeth (2), show you in their book, The Virtuous Girl, exactly what it means to be the girl that God wants you to be.


Girls of Virtue Series

Book One: Georgie

Hi friends,

My name is Georgianna Delrose but you can just call me Georgie – all my friends do. I live in London, England (not far from the famed Abbey Road of the Beatles), which tourists crowd regularly. It’s really nice here and rains a lot even in the summer, but I like it. I live with my father and mum and our three Siamese cats – Flo, Spree, and Charlie. I used to be the only child, until I got a little sister.

My little sister came two years ago – when the most important thing in my life happened. You see, I go to church with my parents all the time, and take part in all the youth events we have, and two years ago, I thought attending church made me a Christian. But when I was fourteen, I took a mission trip to Cambodia and on that trip I discovered a lot about God, myself, and my relationship with Him. I’m sixteen now, and life couldn’t be better, but to understand why I’m saying that – you have to read my story.

– Georgie


Book Two: Mila


I’m Mila – Mila Alexandria Michelle Munroe – and there are two things I love more than anything else in the entire world: the Bible and ballet! I know those two things sound as though they have nothing in common but for me they have always gone together. I guess I get it from my parents. My momma, Megan Ann Munroe, loves music, and dancing comes naturally to her. Before I was born, she was a popular Broadway dancer, and now she dances all the time at our house. She dances in the kitchen when we cook and dances with the mop when she cleans. I know it sounds crazy, and looks even crazier, but she is really good at it and a lot of fun. Now she divides her time between homeschooling me, my four brothers, our baby sister, and working as a part-time dance instructor on the weekends.

My daddy, Alex Tito Munroe, is almost always away. He is a Marine and is currently on duty in Afghanistan. Sometimes I miss him – A LOT – but when I start feeling sad that he is gone I remember what he never fails to tell me on the phone when we talk together:

“Biblegirl, I am never really that far away from you because you are always in my heart and always will be. Pray to God every day to keep us safe and strong while we are apart and bring us together again real soon.”

Biblegirl is the nickname my daddy gave me after I won my first ribbon for quoting Scripture at our church. I love to read the Bible and can quote tons of passages from it (not that I’m bragging or anything), but I have a verse for everyone in every situation. When I have a problem or when my friends have a problem, I always say a Bible verse for them, and now all of them call me Biblegirl too. But I don’t mind and maybe by the end of this story you will see why!

– Mila


Janae-book-cover-smallBook Three: Janae

Salut there,

My name is Janae Lansyn Loilo. I am a seventeen-year-old French Canadian living in Toronto, Canada. Salut is French for hi. I can speak French and English but mostly use English. My dream is to become a professional fashion model and just in case you haven’t heard, Toronto is an awesome place to live. We have amazing art museums, including one totally dedicated to hockey; and an amazing shopping mall which is home to more than 200 stores. The Wonderland amusement park is one of the best in the world, especially the insanely fast Leviathan roller coaster. It’s my favorite ride! And I haven’t even mentioned our world-class sports teams – go Bluejays! But my favorite place to hang out is at church – my church called Elevate Grace.

Due to an incident involving my dad, it wasn’t always like that. I used to hate church – I hated going there, hated the people, hated everything about it. But all that hate changed when I realized the church is actually like one community, filled with imperfect Jesus-followers in the process of being perfected, who are there to help me in my Christian walk and to worship God fully. Church was once irrelevant in my life, but now it is more relevant than ever. By the end of my story, I hope you will see how it can be the same for you.

– Janae


Tasha-book-cover-smallBook Four: Tasha

14-year-old Tasha Lu Solara loves dance, drama, fashion, and coding. But the most important thing you should know about her is that she is a follower of Jesus. Growing up in an atheist/Buddhist family, Tasha is reluctant to talk about her faith. It isn’t until she joins the ZOEgivers student club at her high school and ends up on a trip involving murdered missionaries, a white tiger prophecy, and an ancient people sect of the Ming Dynasty that she learns the importance of shining her light.



The Adventures of Lilly Series

Book One: The Beauty Pageant

Meet 13 year old Lillian (Lilly) Hill. She’s adventurous, fun, and she’s following God. With faith, courage, and friends, she is ready to ride the amazing roller coaster of life.

In The Beauty Pageant, Lilly thought she was going to have a boring first month of summer vacation, but boring was quite the opposite of her fun-filled three weeks at The Dionne, as she along with forty-nine other girls her age prepare to take part in the Dream Girlz Beauty Pageant. In the first book of the Adventures of Lilly Series, Lilly’s inner beauty shines brightly as she allows Jesus to shine through her to make a difference in the lives of her room-mates and Lilly will make a difference in your life too.



Book Two: A China Escape

13-year-old Lillian (Lilly) Hill is back with more adventure, fun, and faith!

This time in A China Escape, Lilly travels with her dad to the land of dragons and pandas to help a friend in need. But the sudden disappearance of their friend in a car “accident”, makes Lilly realize they are in a lot more danger than they think. In the second book of the Adventures of Lilly Series, when an ally turns out to be a traitor and faith is oppressed, Lilly learns to rely on God for courage.